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部内オンラインコンサート Intraclub online concert

「舟唄(Barcarole)」(ナポレオン・コスト、Napoléon Coste、1805年6月28日 – 1883年2月17日)
A whole year has passed since our classic guitar club started the intraclub online concert due to the COVID-19.
I have joined all the 12 concerts up to now and the first entry music of mine in the 2nd year is the 13th one as follows.
‘Barcarole’ (Napoléon Coste, 27 June 1805 – 14 January 1883,
‘Funauta’, a Japanese ballad, sung by Yashi Aki is also good, but a different one, which I would like to play and record someday.