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露光装置 Photolithography equipment

1.箱:段ボール箱(70 x 43 x 40 cm)388円 新規購入
2.蛍光灯本体(紫外線発生装置): 20W x 2本タイプ 0円 使用済み品の再利用
3.ブラックライト(紫外線発生ライト):東芝ライテック製品 20W x 2本 5,000円 新規購入
4.保温アルミシート(紫外線の均等照射用):635円 新規購入
Letters, pictures and/or designed patterns on T shirts are printed with the silk screens, whose idea is the same as wood-block prints.
The silk screens for printing can be made by exposing the light-sensitive emulsion on the screen to the ultraviolet light.
The exposure device has to directly and evenly irradiate the silk screens with ultraviolet rays.
I have made the exposure device by myself to print my originals and to prepare the silk screens at the lowest cost.
The finished exposure equipment should be more than five hundred US dollars, but the photolithography equipment of my own making this time cost me much less than 100 dollars as shown below.
1.Box:a corrugated-paper box (0 x 43 x 40 cm), 388 Yen ($4), newly purchased
2.Fluorescent lighting fittings: 20W x 2 lights type, 0 Yen ($0), Reuse of the used one
3.Black lighting tube(ultraviolet generation tubes):20W x 2 tubes, 5,000 Yen ($50), newly purchased
4.Alminum sheet(for even irradiation):635 Yen ($7), newly purchased