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スイスのシノン城  Château de Chillon, Switzerland

この湖畔の城のそばで「月光」( を弾ければいいなあ、と想像もします。
The other day a wallpaper of Château de Chillon was automatically sent to my desktop computer.
I have visited this castle twice, which has been standing at the edge of Lake Leman.
The first visit was when I joined the inspection and exchange mission on environmental technologies from Hiroshima Prefecture to Switzerland in 2005, which was followed by my 2nd visit in 2007 as an interpreter for a company in Okayama and Shanghai.
I firstly got to know the name of Chillon when I was doing research on the new fiber named Chillon in my twenties at the research laboratory of TOYOBO.
Chillon had been named after Château de Chillon, the old castle in Switzerland and it had been a dream of mine for a long time to visit it.
It was difficult to take such nice pictures as the wallpaper ones, but let me show you one picture of mine with a friend from the company taken in front of the castle.
I imagine how nice it would be if I could play ‘Moon Light’ ( beside this lake-side castle.