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尾道無料英会話道場、2題  Two article topics at Free English learning society in Onomichi

前者は13日 (ESS-M, No. 167)の例会で、What's new で出席メンバー全員の近況をシェアした後で、各自が小鳥だけでなくペット動物や昆虫などの思い出を披露しあって思い出を振り返った楽しい1時間30分でした。
後者は15日 (ESS-E, No. 53)の例会でした。
1. Can Birdsong Make You Happier?
2. Suez Canal- How did they move the Ever Given?
These are the reading and talking references at the latest two learning meetings out of 4 monthly sessions.
The former one was on May 13, 2021 (ESS-M, No. 167).
After sharing the recent news of members', all the participants talked the memories of their animals, insects and birds, and a happy one and half hours passed quickly.
The latter one was May 15, 2021 (ESS-E, No. 53).
After understanding how the huge container ship was pulled out from the accident site, one of the members told us how all the crew members were rescued from the Onomichi-maru broke into two parts and sunk into the ocean, which was followed by some problem-solving experiences of some members'.