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今年の5月連休の過ごし方 How to spend this year’s Golden Week

It has started with rain today on 29th.
Due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, we have to refrain from traveling and to isolate ourselves from the congested places.
Then I am to build a 6.6 sq. meters terrace (deck) at the back yard of the office building (80% have been used for rent.)
The building purpose is to make a foot stage to go up to the roof of the building easily, but the ground space can be used as an outdoor workshop and/or storing place because the terrace floor is also a roof for the space.
I have made much larger one (60 sq. meters) before so that this small one should not be difficult to make.
Just for your information, the construction budget is about 40,000 Yen ($410).