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 SDGs(持続可能開発目標)No. 3、過去から未来へ     SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) No. 3  From the past to the future







I have been involved in the chemical and electrical technology development up to now.

Reflecting on the chemical development and research work I did in the company laboratory in 1970s, I could find some spirit of SDGs even in those days.

But it is true that we lacked that sense of value, praising the large-scale production-and consumption at that time.

That is why I planned ‘Super Ecological Coloring Laboratory’ as a concrete reflective action and I have started the basic experiment by myself.

I had to buy some experiment instruments, but I can use some kitchenware, utensils and the wasted glass containers as chemical apparatus.

It can be an insane attempt to develop a new dyeing method with no water discharged with no harmful chemicals or dyes to our bodies and the bio-degradable materials.