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コロナウイルスとパラダイムシフト(1)、生活4則 Paradigm shift after corona virus pandemic (1), four rules for my life

1. 暴飲暴食を慎む、特にアルコール。
2. 精神衛生、自由度を保つ。
3. 人、情報と接する。
4. 趣味を楽しむ。
趣味のギターは「パッヘルベルのカノン、1694年」、「渚のアデリーヌ、1976年、リチャード・クレイダーマン 演奏 」から始めます。
I have kept the following 4 rules for my own life up to now, thanks to which we are now all right even under the corona virus catastrophe this time.
I keep them this year as well making more use of online interactions.
1. Never eat and drink too much, especially alcoholic beverage.
2. Keep mental health and freedom degree.
3. Keep in contact with people and information.
4. Enjoy hobbies.
As for my guitar playing hobby, I start with Canon by Johann Pachelbel in 1694 and Ballade pour Adeline in 1976 played by Richard Clayderman.