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12月のオンラインコンサート Online concert in December, 20202




秋 桜(一人二重奏バージョン、さだ・まさし作曲)!Ai_aaa4f_vZzgd155zNbi5ZpAUutmQ?e=AI1VP4 

秋 桜(ギターカラオケ演奏バージョン、さだ・まさし作曲)!Ai_aaa4f_vZzgd14oQM4Kg_2y43BTQ?e=Cj1BqJ 


Our online concert that started in July after our classic guitar club activity had been forced to stop amid COVID-19 pandemic has been continued since then and I have joined all of them.

This time in December I participated it with the following music in two playing styles.

Cosmos (composed Masashi Sada, a double role guitar playing)!Ai_aaa4f_vZzgd155zNbi5ZpAUutmQ?e=AI1VP4

Cosmos (composed Masashi Sada, a solo guitar playing at karaoke)!Ai_aaa4f_vZzgd14oQM4Kg_2y43BTQ?e=Cj1BqJ

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