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選挙人(団)とは? What is the electoral college?

What is the electoral college?
At the free English learning session in Onomichi the day before yesterday on November 7, we learned about ‘electoral college’ we heard or watched in the news of the Presidential Election 20202 in USA.
Thanks to the related reference material MC had prepared, we could understand its definition, their roles and the background of this system to some extent.
When the US constitution was being drawn up in 1787, a national popular vote to elect a president was practically impossible. This was because of the size of the country and the difficulty of communication.
I personally watched the Presidential Debate on TV when I was there in USA in 1976 – 1977. It was between Mr. Ford, then the 38th President and Mr. Carter, then Senator, and the latter won the election becoming the 39th President of USA.
In those days, too, one of the controversial issues was the racism regarding the school desegregation of the black and white children.