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批准50ヶ国 Fifty signatories

Fifty signatories:
They have ratified a U.N. treaty to ban nuclear weapons, triggering its entry into force in 90 days, a move hailed by anti-nuclear activists.
I have been much impressed by this news because one of my uncles was killed in the WW Second and the other was a hibakusha (an A-bomb victim).
I am very happy with this progress.
I could not be moved by our former premier’s words, though they sounded noble, when he expressed after visiting the Yasukuni Shrine the other day because they have not taken adequate responsibility for killing their own people and not experienced the horror of war, either.
The attached article is the newspaper article by the Chicago Tribune in 1982, one the 3 major newspapers in USA in those days, where Mr. Takahashi, the late director of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum was interviewed by the reporter with me as an interpreter for them.