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メンバー用サイトを二つ新設 Two new Internet sites opened for the members

英検1級(&同等)資格者ネットワーク in 日本(英検%EF%BC%91級者ネット/)では登録メンバー用にスカイプとファイスブックに二つのサイトを新設しました。
Two new Internet sites opened for the members:
STEP 1st Graders’ (& Equiv.) Network in Japan has newly opened Skype and Facebook sites for the registered members.
These online tools are used to promote the information exchange, mutual understanding and enlightenment among the members, being operated by the younger positive members.
With the steady increase of members in recent months, about 70 qualified people from all over Japan and overseas have been registered out of about 80 applicants.
Among them are STEP oral test examiners by about 60 %, TOEIC high score holders (over 900) by about 30% and tour guide license holders (national test passers) by about 10%.