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二つの話題、「コンビニ店員の不正行」、「コロナ禍の家庭での運動」 Two talking topics of ‘Misconducts by staffers at convenience stores’ and ‘Coronavirus: Sweat it out at home’

The former one was the talking theme that a high school student member chose as a MC for the regular meeting of Onomichi Free English learning society on September 5th (Saturday).
It has been revealed that 5 employees at some Seven-Eleven stores have been collecting the points awarded to customers for making purchases.
We customers have to be careful since no man-made systems can be perfect.
The latter one is for the morning course of the same learning society today on September 10th (Thursday).
The MC of the day will introduce us some exercises we can do at home under the coronavirus catastrophe.
As for me, if I am not careful, I have pain in my low back so that I would like to learn a good one against that.