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中2生が解く化学の設問 A question in chemistry an 8th grader answers by himself

実は、8月から尾道グローカルラボ(*)の塾生の勉強の手伝いを開始して一か月が経過しました。 集団個別指導
“After burning 3.0 grams of the unknown substance, they got 1.8 grams of water and 4.4 grams of carbon dioxide. What is the molecular formula of the substance?”
The other day I saw an eighth grader working on the following problem in chemistry, surprising at its difficulty for eighth graders and I solved the problem as well.
As for me, it is quite a basic problem to solve, but how about you?
The eighth grader also could get the right answer in a different way from mine, so I showed my simpler way, which he could understand.
He has been interested especially in chemistry and that makes him study it by himself much more deeply than others, which is a wonderful self-learning attitude, isn’t it?
One month has passed since I started to help the students study at Onomichi Glocal Labo (
We never forget our own trade in the past and I have been enjoying teaching them for the first time in about 20 years.
I have no problems with English and it can be intellectual gymnastics to make and answer math equations.