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依然、無駄使いの待機時消費電力 Still continued wasteful standby power consumption

1. 家電の待機電力消費量トップテン・リストで6位のファックス電話機と8位の電話機(子機を加えれば5位になりますが)の世界への注意喚起(少しおおげさですが)です。
2. 私自身の原点回帰。
3. 遠隔スイッチング技術としての他社(者)利用の促進
I have now unified 8 TV videos of our power saving technology and products into the 38-minute video, all of which were aired by 5 TV stations and Hiroshima Prefecture in 1996 through 2014.
The purposes of this video editing are as follows.
1. To alert the world to the continued wasteful standby power consumption by facsimile machines and multifunctional telephones because the standby power consumption list of home electrical appliances in 2008 tells that faxes are ranked in the 6th place and telephones 8th (5th with cordless handsets).
2. To make myself go back to where I started this project.
3. To let others use this as a remote switching technology.
Stopping the standby power consumption is one of the possible small actions to reduce the CO2 gas emission, one of the causes of global warming and abnormal weather we face now.