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①わっ! 節電虫(益虫)が飛んできた!/日本語 2019年5月30日開始
②Wow! Here comes Setsuden-mushi! /英語 2020年1月13日開始
Thinking that the energy conservation and electricity saving are the eternal theme we human beings have to pursue I have been postings the following story both in Japanese and in English on the Internet.
Wow! Here comes Setsuden-mushi! / English Started on January 13, 2020
The number of views has now become about 50 a day.
The biggest numbers of views in a week are between 150 and 200 and the daily average number is about 100.
It used to be about 10 a day at first, but has gradually increased as time passes with periodical postings.
The number of views for English postings is bigger than that for Japanese postings.