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コロナウイルスのいたずら Mischievous influence by corona virus

中国放送テレビ(RCC TV)番組「元就」収録に私も取材対象になり、8月6日にアンガールズのタレント田中卓志さんに事務所と自宅に来てもらいました。
Mr. Tanaka, a TV personality and one member of ‘Un Girls’ group visited KTK Office and my house on August 6 for the TV program named Motonari on RCC TV.
The filming work went on smoothly surrounded by many onlookers, but the most important last part of the work in my house came to a standstill because of some measures for corona virus and it could not resume the work also because of Mr. Tanaka’s returning time to Tokyo.
After all, the filmed content can’t be used for the TV program this time and we have decided to looking for another chance anytime soon.
This kind of cancellation or postponement for filming is the second one for me. The first one was when the major airplane accident occurred in Fukuoka Airport and the NHK TV crew from Tokyo could not come to me. (
The unexpected will happen.