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3連休と盆週(8/8 – 8/16)の過ごし方 My way to spend 3 weekend holidays and the following Bon weekdays (8/8 – 8/16)

先ず3連休を活用して何年か前に録音していた2曲のギターソロ演奏曲をムービーメーカーで動画化してユーチューブにアップしました。 ラグリマ Lagrima (涙) 鉄道員 Il Ferroviere
The key words are ‘translation’ and ‘music’ at home because it is hot outside and we keep staying at home not to be infected by corona virus.
Firstly, making use of 3 days, I have made the above written YouTube movies using the 2 guitar music tunes of my own playing some years ago.
I enjoyed making those movies using Movie Maker which I have not used for a long time.
If you listen to them, please use your headphones or the external speakers.