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現場復帰、英語塾講師 Back to active duty as an English teacher at a cram school

I am to support or help young students with their English learning for a limited amount of time.
This English teaching job was the first one of my self-employed jobs after I stopped working for Research Institute of TOYOBO as a chemist,
I taught about 100 junior and senior high school students every year as one of my jobs from my thirties through fifties, interviewing about 4,000 as a STEP examiner until my 65 years old.
I stopped teaching about 10 years ago, luckily finding a very talented successor 3 years ago.
His great efforts have now made him very successful and that keeps him very busy.
Then I have decided to help him wish his teaching business for a certain period not to lose his good quality of teaching and to establish the next busines stage.
As for me, the main work now is ①to translate my writing into English, ②to have free English learning sessions for adults and ③to manage STEP 1st Graders’ Network, but I still keep learning basic English at junior and senior high school students’ level for about an hour almost every day.