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政治家のコロナウイルス発言 Politicians’ remarks on Covid-19 infection

Just like repeated messages by a broken VTR, the same Ministers and Governors report the numbers of the corona virus infected patients every day, which newspapers or TVs should do.
What they have to tell us are what countermeasures they have taken and what the results are.
We have been following the new life style to prevent the infection so that we get sick and tired of their same warnings.
People have been puzzled by Minister’s self-centered and too late remarks, as if it were someone else’s problem, regarding corona virus infection.
One of them was that our standard of living and cultural level was high, which is a prejudice with no precise.
About 10 years after the SARS infection, the current Abe Administration has done almost nothing in improving the domestic medical care system to cope with the epidemic including Covid-19 pandemic and they never take their outcome accountability as politicians.
We can’t trust in what the politicians say but the medical experts excluding those who are too sympathetic to politicians.