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オンライン プロジェクト2件、開始 Two online projects started

①日本語・英語 交換ネットワーク in 世界日-英言語交換ネット/ 
②オンライン クラシックギターの会…/ 

英検1級(&同等)資格者ネットワーク in 日本(約70名、英検%EF%BC%91級資格者ネット/)が日本側の基本組織となります。

It is said that we have to be on alert against Covid-19 for a few more years at least from now on.
Then I have started the following two projects, whose key words are English, Music, online and network, except translating my own writings into English.
①English Japanese language exchange network all over the world日-英言語交換ネット/ 
②Online classic guitar gathering…/

The former is a free site for who are qualified with language (English and Japanese) proficiency and eager to blush up their skills further.
‘STEP 1st Graders' (& Equiv.) Network in Japan’(70 members registered,英検%EF%BC%91級資格者ネット/) plays the major role on Japan side.
The latter a free site for classic guitarists who want to play with other music instruments and to exchange information toward the 5G Internet, which is based on ‘Music instrument Karaoke’(楽器カラオケ-音楽宅配-by-ギター楽人/).