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2020年05月16日 (ESS-E, No. 32)

The regular meeting (4 times a month) style of Onomichi Free English Learning Society has been changed into the online since March to keep 3 Cs and to prevent us from being infected by Covid-19.ボランティア活動-無料英会話-ひまわり音楽祭…/…/2020まとめ/
But we will have them in person as well as online from next month of June on.
The summary of the last meeting in the evening the other day is as follows.
May 19, 2020 (ESS-E, No. 32)
Amid 'new lifestyle' being urged for long-term fight against Covid-19, we talked about how much or how our life has been changed up to now and what world or life it will be in today's regular meeting.
From the next month of June on, the meetings in person using the online app. as well will be held.