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37.5度 x 4日間、典型的な責任転嫁 Typical buck-passing, 37.5 deg. C x 4 days

Mr. Kato, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan keeps saying that the PCR testing standard of having 37.5 degrees for 4days at least before visiting a doctor should be kept by the possible Covid-19 patients.
This standard was clearly stated in the official paper of the Ministry.
But now he says the standard has been misunderstood by Japanese people, which means the same saying the Welfare Ministry and its related government officials are not responsible for those who kept this rule and died at home.
The Covid-19 patients who died without getting PCR tests can’t rest peacefully and the bereaved families can’t stand the situation.
If I had died under the circumstances, I would have left the message to appeal it to the court.
Buck-passing and making excuses are characteristics of Abe Administration.