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不可能な移動とコロナウイルス対策努力 Impossible travelling and efforts against Covid-19

Impossible travelling and efforts against Covid-19:
It is now actually impossible to make overseas travels because of the strict immigration control all over the world.
I wanted to make the last? Visit to USA in August because my friend living in Indiana State has planned family and friends gathering, but it is desperate.
It is also difficult to travel inside Japan now. But we have to have patience with this situation without being infected or infecting others maybe for as long as 2 years till the end of 2021 until the good medicine and vaccine are developed.
In these circumstances TOYOBO I used to work for when young has developed the timesaving Covid-19 test kit for sales besides producing the reagent to check Covid-19 20 times as much as usual.
They must be very useful, I am sure.