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海外からの技能実習生 Technical interns from overseas

The people from Asia, where Japan belongs, have been precious labor force in many Japanese companies in the last few decades.
But many of them returned to their countries without realizing their dreams or having good images to Japan and Japanese companies.
Some of them died.
I watched the real situation on NHK TV early in the morning of February 23rd.
I myself have experienced to invite 6 Philippine young men to a nearby company about 30 years ago. I made documents and visited the immigration office for them.
Unfortunately one of the 6 technical trainees got mentally unstable and went back home in a few months without getting accustomed to the life in Japan.
In these 30 years I could not see the major improvement in their working circumstances (ex. simple work, low wage, long working hours and dangerous working conditions). I feel sorry for them not to be treated in a right manner as human beings by many Japanese.
It is clear they have been treated very differently from westerners.