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ミュージック・サウンドボックス  Music sound box

ギターソロ演奏、カラオケ伴奏を使った演奏、そして練習時のモニターための小さな音楽・音源ボックス(60×28×25 cm)を作りました。

I have made a small sound music box (60×28×25 cm)for guitar solo playing, playing at Karaoke plying and performance checking, in which a mixer, an amplifier, two speakers, a retractable music rest with a microphone & its arm, and a PC rack are installed.
It can be also used to check own performances when practicing, which contributes to the better playing.
You can enjoy playing many music pieces solo at karaoke on your favorite music instruments like guitars, flutes, harmonicas and so on and those karaoke music sounds are listed on the above site.