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働き方改革 Reform of working practices


It has been argued for a while, but I wonder how much progress has been made.
Reform of working practices can’t be realized without efforts by both management and labor.
If the management side can’t pursue it, you had better leave the company.
On the other hand, if the employed persons only spend a long-winded time in the company, they can’t be helped.
When working for TOYOBO’s technical laboratory, I made it a rule to leave work on time. I preferred starting to work before the opening time if necessary.
I worked under some the institute heads and I often saw one of them named Mr. U, who took up a professorship in a national university later, in the locker room a little after 5 in the evening.
My direct boss didn’t like my having left work on time, but I didn’t care that because the time after 5 is mine for my own investment for the next.
When I accepted voluntary redundancy, the boss told me to go ahead on my way, but not my direct boss.