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責任ある行動? Behaviors in a responsible manner?

Behaviors in a responsible manner?
The recent new respiratory disease caused by coronavirus shows how irresponsibly China behaves in the international world.
As well as in the political, the economic and the human right cases only since 2000, it seems they are just behaving selfishly and autocratically without respecting the others.
On the other hand, the director general of WHO went to Beijing, not to Wuhan, only to shake hands happily with Chinese leaders, a very rare chance for him, making use of the serious virus disease.
He acted like a groupie not a head of the international organization in UN whose purpose is to keep the people healthy all over the world.
The reason why he has been blabbing in favor of China is that he is from Ethiopia controlled by Chinese money and he wants to hide himself behind Chinese rule from now on too.




I got the information from an American friend of mine working for TOYOTA Texas, which said TOYOTA has already mailed their employees not to go to the whole China even several days ago.

This shows how speedy the private sector is coping with is situation.

It is one day ago by American Government and no decision by Japanese Government as of February 1, 2020.