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好きなテレビ番組、番組作り My favorite TV program and production




My favorite TV program:
I like the TV program series titled ‘Airport piano’ or ‘Railroad station piano’ aired by NHK in Japan.
Fixed-point video recordings have been made in various airport lounges or railroad station buildings out of Japan, where the passengers happen to find the piano, play it and make comments on the music they play or their memories of the piano even on their life.
This program shows the basic important point in producing the long lasting programs that are natural and get less tired of by filming the ordinary people enjoying music with no boundaries.
No unsolicited commentaries by professionals are included.

I wish some other music instruments such as a guitar would be employed for them to play.
I used to be involved in TV program production for a local CATV station for about 10 years.
I wish I could make music programs now.