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越冬メダカ Overwintering killifish

1. 不要になった浴槽の外側に防寒シートを巻き、
2. 浴槽内部には日中の太陽光暖房のために黒いビニールを貼り、黒く塗装された鉄板と蓄熱のためのレンガを入れて、
3. 上部を透明なアクリル板の蓋で覆います。
We try various measures for the killifish to spend a winter out of the house.
Some measures this year are as following.
1. To use the used bathtub with the cold-proof vinyl sheet around it
2. To put black sheets and iron plates in black for heat collection of the sunlight with bricks for heat storage inside the bathtub
3. To install clear acrylic boards as lids
The aquariums with killifish are put in the bathtub, whose temperature during the daytime on fine days reached as high as 35 to 40 degrees centigrade.
The small heating plate is also put there for the cold winter night.