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石の上にも3年以上。 Perseverance for more than 3 years brings success.

尾道を拠点としているボランティア組織「英検1級(&同等)資格者ネットワーク in 日本」は9月28日(土)に銀座・風月堂ビルで初めての「関東地区の集い」を開催します。
Advance to Tokyo? , Eiken 1st Graders (& equiv.) Network, Japan:
Eiken 1st Graders (& equiv.) Network, Japan, a nationwide voluntary group in Japan whose stronghold is in Onomichi, Hiroshima is to hold the members’ gathering in Ginza, Tokyo on September 28th.
The meeting is held to cope with the rapid increase of the qualified people this year in the eastern part of Japan including Tokyo area and to exchange information and to socialize among the members. 
The second stronghold is planned in Tokyo in the near future.