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Easygoing startup plan leading to failure:
Recently I have seen a startup failure of the nursing care business planed by two young salaried men because of their sloppy financial plan.
The businesses run by the others may look easy to operate and mistakenly think that they can do the same easily.
In the saturated markets as those in Japan, winning the competitions only with the motivation and the lower prices after starting businesses is very difficult in almost all fields. 
To make the newly started business successful, the followings are at least the necessary things to do, I think.
1. Before the startup they should borrow a small amount of money and establish a record of clearing the debts. 
2. They should include the new technologies and/or services in the business.
3. They should combine some abilities, new technologies and services to differentiate their business from the competitors.
4. They should consult experts to make and check the business plan, the financial plan.
5. They should start the business in a small scale and grow it bigger.