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国民食(料理)、日本の場合は? What is Japanese national cuisine?


Mr. Noel Russell emceed the free English learning session at 19:00 on August 17. He has been a professional chef and worked in Europe and USA for a long time.
He used the following article for his presentation this time.…/20190805-does-this-schnitzel-define-vi… 
Thanks to his explanation of schnitzels that have been a notional cuisine in Austria and Germany areas, we could understand cooking is a culture.
Simply speaking it is like ‘ton-katsu’ in Japan.
He asked all of us what the Japanese national cuisine is and our answers were sushi, noodles including buckwheat noodles or ramen, rice with curry and so on. 
My answer to his question was rice balls and he agreed to my idea because they are folksy, historically old, and simple, less expensive, portable, stored and so on. 
According to him, many people have the image that it is sushi when it comes to Japan, but it is high-end and far from a Japanese cuisine.