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合奏曲のパート練習を楽しく。 How to enjoy practicing a part of the ensemble music.


現在クラブで練習中の8曲の内の一曲、ビゼーの間奏曲(Carmen Suite No. 1 Intermezzo)はギター演奏に比較的近い演奏をユーチューブから選び、ギター楽譜に合わせたものに移調し、個人練習時の伴奏にしています。!Ai_aaa4f_vZzgY8MYjgJyBM4gaGCqQ 
Music practicing way:
Our classic guitar club had a party to welcome the newest member and to evaluate the finished regular concert about 10 days ago.
It is worthiness to enjoy hobbies and human contacts.
As a club group, we have been practicing 8 music tunes this year, one of which is Carmen Suite No. 1 Intermezzo by G. Bizet and I have transposed the one on YouTube into another key for our guitar music score to use it for my personal practice.!Ai_aaa4f_vZzgY8MYjgJyBM4gaGCqQ
Playing (practicing) the guitar accompanied by this transposed music makes me feel better as if I am enjoying guitar Karaoke.