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オリンピックとチケット購入狂想曲 Extravaganza of Olympics and ticket purchasing


The internet site to buy the tickets to watch the Olympic games was reported to be chaos. 
I personally have no interest in the Olympics this time in Tokyo and the reasons why are as follows.
1. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the second one in Japan, has been bought with money for Japan’s own interests, which pushed out the other countries that had wanted to have the Olympics for the first time in their countries. It shows the international commercialization of sports and the unfairness in hosting the Olympics. 
2. The bad effects on the reconstruction projects in Tohoku region hit by major tsunami and in other disaster hit areas in Japan in regard to the reconstruction materials and the labors.
3. The highly expected business slump after the Olympics as the history shows.
4. The insensitiveness of mobilizing the no paid volunteer workers in great number to the highly commercialized Olympics.