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退職後は社会還元を Pass-on to the society after retirement

The number of EIKEN examiners lacked:
With the recent growing focus on English qualifications by high schools and universities in Japan, STEP (Society for Testing English Proficiency, EIKEN) is seeing a sharp increase in the number of EIKEN examinees.
So they have sent the e-mails to ask the active EIKEN examiners to introduce the qualified persons to help them. 
Until now from 2014 when I retired from an EIKEN examiner, I have worked on introducing and supporting the qualified persons to be EIKEN examiners for nothing.
As the result, we have now 28 qualified persons registered from 13 prefectures all over Japan. 
The retired EIKEN examiners could do the same to solve the problem with the gratitude for EIKEN in the past.