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科学は自然に学ぶ。 Science learns a lot from nature.

産業の栄枯盛衰、 絹産業:
フランスの技術を導入した日本初の本格的製糸工場 「富岡製糸場と絹産業遺産群」は世界遺産です。
Rise and fall of industries, silk industry in Japan,: 
Tomioka Silk Mill introduced the French technology in the first full-scale yarn-making factory in Japan. 
And it is the world heritage together with its related sites. 
Nylon (polyamide fiber) was firstly developed by trying to produce the silk artificially, which was followed by ester (polyester fiber) and acrylic (poly-acrylic fiber) with cotton and wool in mind respectively.
The textile industry that reached heights of prosperity, leading Japan after the World war Second is a thing of the past, but we can learn a lot from it.