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前進のためのまとめ  Summary for advancing

新しい元号まで2週間余りとなりましたので、私的に仕事を中心にして昭和40年~63年 、平成元年~平成31年(1965~2019)の54年間を1ページの一覧表にしてみました。
My career history in the past 54 years:!Ai_aaa4f_vZzgYQzA-iS5wNxJT6Oyg 
About 2 weeks before the new era name of Reiwa starts in Japan, I have tabulated my business in the past 54 years (1965~2019). 
I joined TOYOBO Co., Ltd in 1965 and started my career as a salaried man.
I spent most of the time in the company as a chemical researcher and had a chance for domestic study in Technical Institute of Kyoto.
I stopped working for TOYOBO at the age of 28 and went to San Diego State University to confirm my English skills I had acquired through my self-directed study.