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だまされないように注意しましょう。  We have to be careful not to be fallen for.

21 世紀に入ってから一家計あたり年間約60 万円近く、手元で使えるお金が減ってしまっています。
日本総合研究所理事長の寺島 実郎氏が以下のインタビューやテレビでのコメントでも言及しました。 
Decrease of disposable income:
Our after-tax income has been decreased about 600,000 Yen per year in each household in the 21st century.
Mr. Jitsuro Terashima, a head director of Japan Research Institute, Limited referred it in the interview or on TV.
It has been confirmed by the data of the household budget survey by Ministry of Internal affairs and Communications on February 8, 2019.
This explains the reason why the Government view that the Japanese economy has been growing is unrealistic.
Abenomics what they call only good for companies is unprizable.