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お金で能力は買えない。  Abilities can’t be bought for money.

Playing abroad?, not studying abroad:
I understand that studying abroad means they go abroad to major in something, to live using their language and to graduate the school after years of hard work. 
But the actual situation seems to be quite different from my image according to the recent survey. 
As the survey shows as many as 67% spent only a month or less in studying abroad and less than 2% stayed for more than a year.
I guess most of those who stayed less than a month had not studied but just had played around or enjoyed sightseeing.
Specialists recommend them to say more than 3 months, which I think still too short.
If they went abroad to learn foreign language skills in this very short time, I would advise that they should learn them as much as possible firstly in Japan and go out to confirm their acquired language skills.
It is merely an illusion or a wrong idea that we can get the language skills naturally in foreign countries. The learning process is quite opposite.