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人的ネットワーク作りの楽しさと苦しさ  Pleasures and difficulties in human networking

これは先月もご紹介した人材ネットワーク「英検1級資格者ネットワーク in 日本」のことです。英検%EF%BC%91級者ネット/ 
添付資料通り、過去5年間の登録者数は僅か15名でしたが、今年2019 の1月1日 - 3月15日の2.5ヶ月間だけで10名の登録をいただきました。
Ten qualified people newly registered in 2.5 month:
‘STEP 1st Graders’ Network in Japan’ has welcomed those people from January through March 15th, this year.英検%EF%BC%91級者ネット/ 
As shown in the attached picture, we had only 15 certified people resister in the past 5 years, but another 10 new qualified people have been newly registered only 2.5 months this year.
The annual increase rate of registration up to now is about 10 times as high as before in the past 5 years.
The reasons why may be as follows.
* The site has been newly opened on the web since January this year.
* There has not been the similar network up to now.
* STEP 1st grade is easier to be understood rather than other English proficiency testing methods.
* We can help those qualified people for nothing to be STEP interview examiners (paid work), who are not publicly recruited.
* We can introduce interpreter’s work and translation work among the members.
* The members are highly and professionally qualified in English abilities with their high language sense.
* They want to be examiners after examination takers.
* We have the possible qualified people all over Japan.