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まだまだ先は長い。 It is still a long way to go.

なお、「英検1級資格者ネットワーク in 日本」には英検以外にTOEICの点数が900点台の人が多くおられます。
Comparison of English proficiency testing methods:
In Japan we can take several English proficiency tests that judge 4 language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. 
The comparison tables among these tests are attached below.
Among them, the STEP examination has the biggest number of test takers of about 4 million in a year and the longest testing history of more than 50 years.
The lowest level of the proficiency applicable in the business world should be STEP pre-1st grade certificate.
We have many STEP 1st grade certified members also with TOEIC scores more than 900 in the STEP 1t Graders’ Network.英検%EF%BC%91級者ネット/