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毎日の小さなチャレンジ Small daily challenge

「If you were a little less grumpy, you would have much more friends.」
仮定法は日本人には不得意な分野ですが、英語を使うネイティブとの間での深層理解には不可欠です・・・・。 (英語、13分)
It is said we have about 14 billion brain cells and about 100 thousand of them die every day.
Just like that, we forget the foreign words, English as for me, we picked up before every day. 
Then we need to get more new words than we forget to increase our vocabulary.
As for me, one of the new English words I got yesterday was “grumpy”, which is used in the following subjunctive mood sentence.
「If you were a little less grumpy, you would have much more friends.」, which was a grammatical review for me as well.
Japanese are not good at how to subjunctive mood, but it is necessary to understand the English speaking natives deeply. 
We Japanese are not good at using subjunctive mood because we do not have that kind of language rule in Japanese.