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Network of STEP 1st graders:
I have now been networking the STEP 1st graders only in business all over Japan. (STEP; Society for Testing English Proficiency)
I began this networking 5 years ago in 2014 and it has 16 qualified members including me.
I hope the number of the qualified STEP 1st graders will be increased by 4 or 5 each year through my web pages or blog articles.
We have already had two new STEP 1st graders only in one month of January this year, 2019.
The purposes of this networking are as follows.
1.To carry out and or to help the English education with 4 balanced language skills by the STEP 1st grade members in each area.
2.To assist the STEP 1st graders to be registered as the STEP interview examiners.
3.To exchange information and to promote friendship among the members.
In cooperation with all the members in each area all over Japan we would like to do what we can for the English education with 4 balanced language skills.
One of the concrete actions is Free English learning sessions in Onomichi that I restarted in 2013.