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新しく良い人と知り合いになることは楽しいことです。 It is a pleasure to make new good friends.

②Dennis Awori 氏
Friends making:
The other day I got acquainted with a person who was working for Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. for about 20 years. 
Since TOYOTA is a big company representing Japan, many people know it and have some relationship with it, for example, by purchasing their cars.
I myself have bought TOYOTAs, but other than that I have established the following relations with TOYOTA people in the past 20 some years.
1. Mr. Micle Watanabe
He retired TOYOTA in his early fifties and his own business on the web more than 20 years since its start.
I agreed to his business ideas and invested a little amount of money.
2. Mr. Dennis Awori
When he was Kenyan Ambassador to Japan, we got acquainted to each other on business in Fukuyama for the first time. 
After 6 years in the Kenyan Embassy in Tokyo he went back to Kenya and he has been back to the company chairman of TOYOTA Kenya.
When he was the Ambassador, I had a dozen of chances to see him on business in Tokyo, Kenya, Shanghai and Chugoku district (Onomichi, Hiroshima and Okayama).
We looked for the business chances in Africa, but nothing was successful unfortunately. 
All of them are great and proven with wonderful careers.