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昔取った杵柄  Skills learned in my former days

復 活:
① クラシックギター(17歳で開始、62歳で2009年に復活)
② 英日併記日記(18歳で開始、64歳で2011年に復活)

In my sixties I have revived the following two things of what I started doing a little before my twenty and stopped for some decades.
1. Guitar playing (started at 17 and resumed at 62 in 2009)
2. Diary keeping both in Japanese and in English (started at 18 and resumed at 64 in 2011)
I could make a steady comeback to guitar playing thanks to joining Alhambra Guitar Club in Fukuyama.
I could re-start writing my diary by positing the articles on Facebook though I never post the too private matters.
Both of these have been now continued for about 10 years and I hope I can continue them for some more years.