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英語の勉強方法の二つの型 Two types of English learning ways

① 新しく度覚えた単語を一度きりでしばらくは放っておくウィンドウショッピング型
② 新しく覚えた単語を短期間の内に何度も見聞きして思い出せる環境を作るリサイクル型
According to the lecturer of NHK English programs, there are two ways to build our vocabulary.
One is the window shopping type and the other recycling type. 
In the former type, the words once memorized are kept unused for a while and in the latter, they are kept seen or heard often in a short period. 
Most cases at the schools in Japan, this should be the former one, the window shopping type.
On the other hand in the NHK English learning programs, the students often see, read and listen many times in a week and in a few months so that it should be the latter one, the recycling one.
It is not too much to say that students don’t need to learn English at school if they make a good use of NHK English programs.
NHK English programs have been saving Japanese English education system quite a lot.
It would be a fool not to take advantage of this wonderful language programs by NHK produced by our tax money.