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三つ目の道場は夜間コース、尾道無料英会話道場 The 3rd learning place in the evening for Onomichi Free English Learning Societyボランティア活動-無料英会話-ひまわ…/尾道ess-無料英会話道場/ 
Having opened two daytime learning courses in deferent places up to now, Onomichi Free English Learning Society now is to start the 3rd one in the evening for those who can’t join in the daytime such as the company workers, students and so on.
It will be operated with an American family attended, which should be practical and useful for our local society.
The further and detailed information will be provided by the yearend, but it is to be opened next month in January, 2019. 
Please don’t miss it and join us.
Contact me for more information by e-mail (kamamototsuguru@office-ktk.jp又は