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生きがい Ikigai

直訳的な一語で表現できる英単語を知りませんでしたので、数秒少し考えて「何かやる価値のあること」something worth doing と答えましたら、納得してくれましたのでその後いくつかの例をお互いに紹介し合いました。
後で辞書を調べましたらpurpose in life (人生での目的)との表記がありました。
The other day a friend of mine living in USA asked me what “ikigai” means. He, a surgeon, found it in the book he was reading.
Not knowing the direct translation into English in one word, thinking for a several seconds I answered it to be something worth doing. He looked to have been satisfied with the meaning and we mutually introduced some examples of “ikigai” afterwards.
The dictionary says “ikigai” is “purposes in life”.