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命より大切なものはない。 Nothing is more precious than life.

過労死等の現状 - 厚生労働省:
Current situation of the death by overwork, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare:
There is no end to the number of employees who are killed by companies or organizations.
The other day the newspaper covered the case of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
Since 99% of employees are destined to be abandoned at the end, it may be one of the ideas to milk their companies or organizations to the last drop while you are working there.
Companies are not worth giving your life and you should escape from them before you die. 
I did enjoy 2 years out of my 10 year-long company life by making use of the company’s system of studying in the domestic graduate school.
But I stopped working for the company only 2 years after I returned to the company. I did not have blind loyalty that I should have obeyed the company or continued to work only because of my pleasant studying out of the company for 2 years.