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風邪は万病のもと。  A cold often leads to all kinds of disease.

10月31日のNHK番組「ためしてガッテン」は 風邪に負けない真の“免疫力”ゲット という内容でした。 
2.日中の休息 昼寝は午後1時~3時の間で、30分以内を目安
Immune strength:
The NHK TV program the other day told us how to get the real immune system not to catch a cold.
I myself missed watching the program, but according to their web information and my wife, the secrets are as follows.
1. Enough sleep
2. Nap taking about 30 minutes between 1 and 3 o’clock in the afternoon
3. Moderate exercise like walking
We would like to be careful not to catch cold though it is expected to have a warmer winter this season.